Musicians usually love to represent their hometown and where they grew up – especially when it comes to hip hop. It is a way for fans to connect with their music and also a way to show that they are true to their roots and they always will be. Jesse Mader’s new acoustic/urban rock/hip hop hybrid sound is now following suit, but in the form of a playful journey through one night in the life of Jesse Mader the musician. Jesse wanted to showcase his city, but in a more of an adventurous movie style, not in a literal and typical music video approach. If you’re from Pittsburgh, have frequently visited Pittsburgh, or simply have a love for the town – then you’ll appreciate the landmarks that Jesse Mader and his creative video team selected to highlight for this “Urban Rock Musical,” as each has a deep connection to the artist himself.


1. The Days Inn on Banksville Road

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-hotel-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-hotel-02

If you’re familiar with the south hills side of Pittsburgh, then you’ve been to an after party at one of the Banksville Road motels. They are like a reliable friend. Affordable rooms and a convenient location make this place legendary around these parts, and it doesn’t look like the stories are going to stop any time soon. Jesse wanted to capture that morning after vibe. Jesse, co-star Kait Schoeb, and the video crew showed up at 6am on the morning of filming to make the room look like it had just been through a true rock and roll after party – with a PG-13 rating.  Share your Days Inn adventure stories on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!


2. Maxwell’s Pub, Mount Oliver

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-maxwells-pub-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-maxwells-02

Maxwell’s Pub may only be familiar to you if you’re from the area. Nestled in Pittsburgh’s inner city neighborhood of Mount Oliver, it is locally owned and operated by childhood friends of Jesse Mader, only 3 minutes from where Jesse grew up in Allentown. Jesse and his hometown friends spent a lot of nights in Maxwells sipping Jameson and Southern Blues, bumping everything from 2Pac to Classic Rock on the jukebox. The bar is a unique mixed crowd of local visitor, most of them tough as nails. Jesse wanted to capture the essence of a local corner bar by showcasing a “territorial” nature. And even though the Maxwell family are some of the kindest folks in the world, if a stranger comes into that bar looking for trouble, they will absolutely get dragged out. If you stop by Maxwells, tell them that Jesse sent you! What’s your favorite corner bar cocktail? Let us know on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!


3. Grandview Park, Allentown/Beltzhoover/Mount Washington

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-grandview-park-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-grandview-park-02

Perhaps the most powerful shot in the video, this bandstand overlooking the city of Pittsburgh is actually located in the neighborhood of Allentown, where Jesse Mader was born and raised. Jesse used to watch live bands perform on this outdoor amphitheater style stage. Anyone from the south side of Pittsburgh will know this place, and will no doubt have memories of watching live music, fireworks, or just hanging out on the hillsides with friends. This park is generations old, but the stories always ended up the same. Somebody was usually running from the Pittsburgh Police. Tell us your “running from the cops while tossing a 40oz” stories on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!


4. Armstrong Park, 12th Street & Carson, South Side Flats

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-12th-street-03      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-12th-street-02

12th Street Park is a staple for the kids growing up in Pittsburgh’s South Side Flats. Jesse chose to shoot the end scenes here because he spent a lot of his childhood on those basketball courts, and also because he felt like it had that hometown industrial, blue collar character to it. The small businesses and the row houses in the background were the perfect backdrop for the end scene featuring the many friends and family who showed up on the 98 degree day in October to shoot the scene. Pittsburgh is a working class town that is not afraid to get their hands dirty. A good old fashioned sandlot game of baseball is probably going on every week in every hard working town. Tell us your favorite childhood baseball memories on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!