You Can Always Come Home – Jesse Mader – Official Music Video
An Urban Rock Musical

Directed by Jesse Mader and Nick Carrington
Edited By Chris Longo – Mindbender Production Group
Sponsored by ocreations,

Jesse Mader
Kait Schoeb
Chris Kraski, Bass, The Urban Rock Project
DJ Climax, The Urban Rock Project
Ambition the Kid

Special Thanks:
Jody Mader, Makeup
Jared Dieffenbach, ocreations, Assistant
Maxwell’s Pub, Pittsburgh
Kristy Marie, Hip Hop Dance Instructor
Marco Cardamone, Merging Media
Shawn O’Mara, ocreations, sponsor

Extra special thanks to all of the Pittsburgh fans, family and extras who came out to rock with us and show love and support! We absolutely could not have done it without you.