Jesse Mader – NYE Through the Years Album Release Party with special guests: Tarra Layne, DJ Climax, Crazie A and Jeoh

Come celebrate 2018 and the release of Jesse Mader’s Double album, THROUGH THE YEARS. This party will celebrate the release of Jesse Mader’s 6th full length project, and it is a time capsule of past recordings, remixes, and some brand new music.

Sunday, December 31 at 10:30 PM until 2 AM | 21+ | Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door


October 11th, 2017|

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article – Jesse Mader: A ‘Breath’ of urban rock

Jesse Mader: A ‘Breath’ of urban rock

Written by Scott Mervis on .


The first song you encounter on Jesse Mader’s site starts with a flitting synth line into a hip-hop beat over which the rapper launches a rapid-fire verse. Before you know it, he moves fluidly into a head-turning refrain of “Baby, we were born to run.”

“I grew up attending Bruce Springsteen concerts every year with my mother,” the rapper says, “and that’s what I wanted to be. So I finally found a way to make it all work, haha.”

“Born to Run” is one of the tracks of “Breath by Breath,” a new album from the Pittsburgh artist that combines rock and hip-hop with a feverish intensity.

He and producer Chris Longo (aka Mindbender) call it “urban rock,” and the rapper attributes it to growing up in a musical family with a lot of loud music being played in the basement.

“I knew how to rock a “four on the floor” rhythm at age 3,” he says. “My father sang with different bands and I remember watching him perform at local festivals in the summer. I learned early on that it’s OK to sing, dance, laugh and perform. A lot of kids don’t ever learn that.”

As a teenager in Allentown, he was fully immersed in what he calls “that ’90s golden era of hip hop where it really broke free and meshed with R&B melodies, and that music is timeless.”
By 15, he says, he was making songs out of sampled guitars and keyboard riffs into a tape recorder.

“I think that was the beginning of my hybrid music production. It came from experimenting with anything that I thought sounded good — pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop. I always wanted to write stories using hip hop, but front an energetic rock and roll band.”

He built a fanbase selling his first two mixtapes out of the trunk of his car and in 2006 released his debut album, “Thin Line,” named for the thin line between his musical styles.

Back then, he was going as J. James. “Breath by Breath,” with its full band sound courtesy of the Urban Rock Project (DJ Climax, Chris Kraski, Anthony Tomassello, Mindbender and Jason Longo), has him working under his own name, for marketing and artistic reasons.

“The main reason was for growth and change as an artist,” he says. “The music I was writing felt too honest and authentic to really need a stage name anymore. The other reason was for online marketing and ‘ownability’ of the name as a brand. There are a lot of other ‘Jesse James’ and ‘J.James’ in the independent music world already so Jesse Mader was more unique. I still use “J.James” as an alias for the grittier side of me and the music. So it still exists in the underground.”

The release show […]

August 14th, 2014|

Jesse Mader & The Urban Rock Project w/ Badfish and Tropidelic

Jesse Mader and the Urban Rock Project are honored to kick off the evening with a set fully dedicated to hip hop, pop, and rock ‘n roll! We will be on AT 8pm. See you there!


Mr. Smalls Theatre
400 Lincoln Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
412 821 4447
(Get Directions)

Thursday, April 17th at 7:00pm
Ticket Information: $16 adv / $18 door

This is an all ages event. Doors open at 7 – Jesse Mader & URP will go on around 8!

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4 Pittsburgh Places You May Recognize from Jesse Mader’s New Music Video “You Can Always Come Home”

Musicians usually love to represent their hometown and where they grew up – especially when it comes to hip hop. It is a way for fans to connect with their music and also a way to show that they are true to their roots and they always will be. Jesse Mader’s new acoustic/urban rock/hip hop hybrid sound is now following suit, but in the form of a playful journey through one night in the life of Jesse Mader the musician. Jesse wanted to showcase his city, but in a more of an adventurous movie style, not in a literal and typical music video approach. If you’re from Pittsburgh, have frequently visited Pittsburgh, or simply have a love for the town – then you’ll appreciate the landmarks that Jesse Mader and his creative video team selected to highlight for this “Urban Rock Musical,” as each has a deep connection to the artist himself.


1. The Days Inn on Banksville Road

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-hotel-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-hotel-02

If you’re familiar with the south hills side of Pittsburgh, then you’ve been to an after party at one of the Banksville Road motels. They are like a reliable friend. Affordable rooms and a convenient location make this place legendary around these parts, and it doesn’t look like the stories are going to stop any time soon. Jesse wanted to capture that morning after vibe. Jesse, co-star Kait Schoeb, and the video crew showed up at 6am on the morning of filming to make the room look like it had just been through a true rock and roll after party – with a PG-13 rating.  Share your Days Inn adventure stories on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!


2. Maxwell’s Pub, Mount Oliver

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-maxwells-pub-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-maxwells-02

Maxwell’s Pub may only be familiar to you if you’re from the area. Nestled in Pittsburgh’s inner city neighborhood of Mount Oliver, it is locally owned and operated by childhood friends of Jesse Mader, only 3 minutes from where Jesse grew up in Allentown. Jesse and his hometown friends spent a lot of nights in Maxwells sipping Jameson and Southern Blues, bumping everything from 2Pac to Classic Rock on the jukebox. The bar is a unique mixed crowd of local visitor, most of them tough as nails. Jesse wanted to capture the essence of a local corner bar by showcasing a “territorial” nature. And even though the Maxwell family are some of the kindest folks in the world, if a stranger comes into that bar looking for trouble, they will absolutely get dragged out. If you stop by Maxwells, tell them that Jesse sent you! What’s your favorite corner bar cocktail? Let us know on Jesse Mader’s official facebook fan page!


3. Grandview Park, Allentown/Beltzhoover/Mount Washington

jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-grandview-park-01      jesse-mader-you-can-always-come-home-grandview-park-02

Perhaps the most powerful shot in the video, this bandstand overlooking the city of Pittsburgh is actually […]

December 10th, 2013|

“You Can Always Come Home” Video Shoot – Jesse Mader “J.James” – Sunday, October 6th at 9AM in Pittsburgh’s South Side (12th Street Baseball Field, Armstrong Park)

Join Jesse Mader “J.James” and the A-Side Entertainment Family at the video shoot for Jesse’s single “You Can Always Come Home.” Arrive at 9 AM to get an overview.


We want to end this video with a bang and a big “Sandlot” type of party!! Bring a ball, glove, bubble gum, sunflower seeds, water bottles and some gear if you want to get involved with the game!

Not the athletic type? No worries!! We need spectators in the bleachers, as well, and all we ask is that you DRESS FOR CAMERA (no logos, no words on shirt, etc.), limit the white tees and beaters… Actually, leave those at home! Leave your bright yellows at home, too! Here is information about WHAT NOT TO WEAR ON CAMERA.

Plan on sticking around for a couple of hours until we nail the shots. It will be a FUN, light-hearted fall classic vibe. Bring friends, kids, etc. We want this to feel like a big party. . . with FAMILY!

If you haven’t heard the new single, you can check it out below! We’ll need crowd participation, dancing and singing along.


Meet Oswald – The Urban Rock Pup


I’m sure you’ve seen him all over Jesse’s social networks and on the new single promos… so who is Ozzi? What’s his story? Click below to read all about how Jesse rescued this 6 week old pup and gave him a home in the world of music and art.

ocreations oswald ozzi jesse mader urban rock puppy–the-lucky-design-studio-puppy.html?soid=1102010861741&aid=UjNxHdiYtOE

July 1st, 2013|

Jesse Mader Music on Spotify

Jesse Mader’s music is featured on Spotify!

jesse-mader-music-is-on-spotify jesse mader music is on spotify

What’s up, guys? We wanted to let you know that Jesse Mader’s music, both new and vintage, is all available on Spotify! Remember that Spotify pays independent musicians for their efforts, so it’s an easy way to support our grind!
Thanks and SMILE til next time!

Jesse Mader and the official A-Side Street Team

May 28th, 2013|

Jesse Mader’s “Marchin Home” on Soundcloud for Memorial Day

What’s up, guys. In honor of our US Military, I am releasing my song “Marchin Home” on Soundcloud for all to share. Take a second this Memorial Day to remember those, both living and deceased, who fought, and are currently fighting to protect our freedom.