Join Jesse Mader “J.James” and the A-Side Entertainment Family at the video shoot for Jesse’s single “You Can Always Come Home.” Arrive at 9 AM to get an overview.


We want to end this video with a bang and a big “Sandlot” type of party!! Bring a ball, glove, bubble gum, sunflower seeds, water bottles and some gear if you want to get involved with the game!

Not the athletic type? No worries!! We need spectators in the bleachers, as well, and all we ask is that you DRESS FOR CAMERA (no logos, no words on shirt, etc.), limit the white tees and beaters… Actually, leave those at home! Leave your bright yellows at home, too! Here is information about WHAT NOT TO WEAR ON CAMERA.

Plan on sticking around for a couple of hours until we nail the shots. It will be a FUN, light-hearted fall classic vibe. Bring friends, kids, etc. We want this to feel like a big party. . . with FAMILY!

If you haven’t heard the new single, you can check it out below! We’ll need crowd participation, dancing and singing along.